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History of FWL

In 2016-2017 we launched our first Future World Leader’s pilot project; a humanitarian trip to India, where our youth volunteered at the Tender Heart School. The program proved to be successful, as both participants expressed that the program had a positive impact in their lives. One of the two youth has even chosen to continue participating with us. Since his enrollment with Future World Leaders, he has taken school more seriously, pursued personal goals like getting his driver licence, has more positive connections in the community, and has expressed that this program helps him stay out of trouble while doing something he likes to do; helping others. He has also expressed that this program is in line with his future goals, as he hopes to one day return to Inukjuak and help shape his community into a better place to live.


To empower and inspire youth under government care, while making a difference across the world.


To improve the outcome statistics of former youth in care across Canada.

© Copyright 2017 Future World Leaders