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Our yearly curriculum consists of weekly group meetings covering topics such as leadership, human rights, social advocacy, and volunteering. In addition, the youth will get the opportunity to organize and participate in various fundraising events; with the profits going towards the cost of the group’s humanitarian trip at the end of June

The need for this program is vital. Other programs that run on a similar philosophy to Future World Leaders have been found to create lasting benefits for the youths involved: 

Many report having greater motivation and more goals for their future
85% are more likely to be involved in volunteering in their communities after
95% of youth that participate in leadership/humanitarian programs like this one “report feeling a strong sense of responsibility for the well-being of people in developing countries when they return home” (

By completing our program the participating youth will:

  • Have learned leadership skills that are transferable into their everyday life
  • Have gained leadership experience by organizing and participating in fundraising events
  • Have a stronger sense of compassion 
  • Have made positive connections in the community 
  • Have acquired travel experience   
  • Continue to stay involved in either the FWL program (through our youth mentor program) or other community initiatives
  • Be able to describe how this program has impacted them and made a positive difference in their current lives
  • Be able to describe how this experience will help them achieve their personal life goals

© Copyright 2017 Future World Leaders